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Stratagem Artist Management, LLC

New York, NY USA


tel. 646.847.9924

Justin Werner


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Opera Box Score: Jordan Rutter and Shirley Verrett!

from February 18, 2019. i chat with my friends at Opera Box Score about my creative process and we listen to one of my favorite Lady Macbeths, Shirley Verrett.

Doing the Work with Matthan Black: Episode #108

from December 6, 2018. baritone Matthan Ring Black brings me over for some bourbon and puppy dog cuddles to talk the intersection of business, art, and politics.

The Celebrity Café: Jordan Rutter on the Changing Face of Opera

from July 28, 2018. Erin Huestis and i discuss audience demographics, different directing styles, and what millennials are looking for in opera.

Indie Opera Podcast: The Great God Pan, The Gender Non-Binary

from February 5, 2018. i join up with composer Rośsa Crean and soprano Sharin Apostolou and talk about the role of gender in contemporary opera.

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